About Ellen C. Shivers

ellen shivers

Ellen C Shivers is a former Healthcare Director, who had spent a great deal of her time working on community and character development programs. Some of these programs included organizing young students and teenagers to participate in learning how to grow organic foods and market them, sew and make clothes, participate in house building projects, etc. Her passion for the development of children has grown to a natural desire to write children’s books, thereby the creation of “The Pancake Kids.”

Her objective is to assist in providing space in literature that gives the readers the opportunity to experience a child’s perspective. Also, letting children know that it’s okay to have a voice and take the initiative to work out their daily challenges amongst themselves as they learn life lessons. The Pancake Kids series will include numerous books such as “I’m Not A Bully, A Good Night Sleep, The Day We Almost Ran Away and other stories like these will continue to enlighten and inspire children to welcome their daily challenges while experiencing fun and exciting adventures.